Book Review: The Fourth Fisherman.


4thfishermanWhile the name The Fourth Fisherman isn’t the most compelling but the story in its pages absolutely is.

The way that the author of the book lays out the story of a man who has worldly wealth comes to find that he was a poor lost soul surrounded by professional sharks. As Joe the authors would was falling apart 3 fishermen were fighting for their collective lives. Joe Kissack did a fantastic job of describing what a life that is filled with things other than God looks like. His journey to discover the God of the Bible who is a God who rescues is well written and you find yourself identifying with Joe’s idolatry and praying for the safety of the fisherman adrift.

The thing that struck me most is that we live in a culture where the idolization of fame and success has even seeped into the church. The crazy thing about being adrift in the culture of fame and success is people celebrate your being lost rather than throw you a lifeline you so desperately need.

We need more people in our churches and in culture that are speaking the truth of the gospel with boldness. That we are utterly lost with out his grace and mercy in our lives. Jesus Christ came to rescue us from the life of sin and death we so foolishly cling to. In reading this book It reminded me to find myself not in fame or accomplishments alone but to have my life hidden in Christ that I may have true joy that comes from glorifying the one who made me in all I do. That only happens when I remember that I am the 3rd thief, and chief of sinners. So grateful for Christ and for the power of the gospel. When you have Him you are satisfied because He is enough.


The Fourth Fisherman was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my unbiased thoughts on it.

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  • This was an amazing book! One I thought would read mostly for guys. Boy-howdy was I wrong!! It touches the heart of women as well as the male population! Very rare. I Love, love, love stories that provoke you to check your own walk with Christ all while you’re rooting for the triumphal twists and turning pages like crazy!

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