3 relationships every Leader needs: A Coach


Three relationships every Leader needs:

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how people like Michael Phelps the best in the world at what he does needs a coach. Another thing that amazes me is how Tiger Woods needs a golf coach but doesn’t see that he really could use a life coach. How can those who are on the top of their game need someone to help them? In Phelps and Wood’s case I am pretty sure their coaches don’t have a fraction of the talent that they have. So what does a coach do?

A few mistakes people make when it comes to finding a coach.
1. They look for someone who does everything better than them
2. They think that coaches are for the very bad or for the very inexperienced.
3. They look for someone who will agree with them.
4. They look for someone who they can use to further their own agenda and not allow their coach to speak into their life.

A good coach should do the following.
1. Spot bad habits and address them. – This requires you allowing your coach access to your life and being honest with them.
2. Make you uncomfortable so you develop new muscles and strengthen existing ones – If you keep doing what you have always done you will always get what you’ve always gotten.
3. See, expose, and create a pathway to deal with blind spots in your life. – Blind spots are called that for a reason. You can’t see them and Yes you do have them.
4. Model for you what you are looking for or be able to help you see what is presently unseen.  – A good coach will either show you what you need to do or allow you to see what you are looking for in you or others.
5. Point you to Christ – If your coach has all the answers find a new coach. Every once in a while your coach should say “I don’t know” The best coaches point you to the ultimate father and Savior.

I am blessed beyond words to have and have had amazing coaches in my life – My mom and dad so grateful for them words don’t do justice, Jim Wideman who was an answer to a prayer I prayed for a coach when I started to do kids ministry that God answered in His time not mine, and the founding Pastor at my Church Mike Servello Sr. he loves people and the church more than any leader I have ever met. He is a father to many pastors and I am honored to have been able to serve under his amazing leadership.

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