Why I picked Feedly to be my new RSS reader


After looking online for other options due Google killing it’s still very popular Google reader I settled on Feedly.com.

1. It’s Free – I didn’t want to pay a subscription for my RSS service.
2. It’s Web-based and mobile
3. The workflow is very like Google Reader but with some welcome changes.
4. It’s social media integration is better than google’s
5. Syncs across all devices.
6. Seamlessly imports all your google feeds

Importing your Google Reader account
To import your google reader feeds and categories over to feedly, simply login to your feedly using your google account. Feedly will automatically sync your Google Reader account with feedly.

7. Allows for minimalistic reading (my favorite) or a more visual approach (love the flexibility)

Overall have used feedly for the past week and so far so google who?

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