My Friend Yancy has a new CD out!

yancy not nancy

My three year old daughter has a new hero. It’s “Ancy” well actually it’s Yancy but my daughter calls her Ancy and walks around the house holding here CD cover and you know what that just fine with me.

Here is why I want my daughter to look up to Yancy and why you need to buy her new album.

1. She loves Jesus. – All of Yancy’s songs are saturated with passion for Jesus.
2. She loves her family – Yancy is in her early 30’s and she still loves her daddy that is rare and amazing.
3. She loves the local church – For me these three are huge. The three most important things that shape you are What you believe about, Jesus, family and church.

Check out Yancy’s website. She offers a free shipping code good anytime on our website and that’s : yancylovesme

Lastly but not leastly Yancy has agreed to allow me to give away her CD/DVD combo. Register below I will pick a winner next Friday.


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