When God gives you influence what are you going to say?


I believe everyone has influence to some degree or another. Here is another thing I have been thinking about. It’s very easy in the social media age we live in to have a platform before you have a message.

Here is my question: What are you going to say when people are listening. When God gives you influence how are you going to leverage that influence and what are you going to say?

Every person has influence. You have influence for a reason. You must use that influence I believe to say something of substance.

Social media has done some amazing things. It has allowed for a small world to become even smaller. I believe that social media has allowed some new voices to be heard and has given greater reach to established voices. Before the social media age your platform was created through creating something that is tangible, a book or a ministry. Because of the reach of social media that is no longer the case.

One of the things that we must be careful of is gaining a platform before we have something to say.

Here is how you leverage social media to make sure that happens.

  1.  Listen more than you talk.
  2. Connect with thought leaders who have actually created something
  3. If you are new to the ministry area you are a part of ask lots of questions
  4. Seek God more than the approval of others. 

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