Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – Coming Soon

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing is the perfect follow-up to Lloyd-Jones an Jago’s The Jesus Storybook Bible. I remember reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible and was blown away by the simple way Sally explained complex spiritual truths. One of my pet peeves with books that are written for kids is that they are written so simplified that the power mystery and beauty of the gospel are removed.

This year our oldest is turning 8 my wife and I have started looking for something to help him begin the discipline of personal time with God. Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing could not have come at more perfect time for us. Zondervan was kind enough to send me a sample booklet of a few of the 101 stories that Sally and Jago teamed up to produce. They are beautifully written and illustrated. What I love is how simple and profound each thought is. It strikes to the core of what Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed about the ministering to children he said “That if we can not explain theology to kids something is amiss.” Our kids need theology. I want my kids to grow up in awe of the beauty of Jesus. When my kids read their bibles, sing songs to Jesus, meet in a small group, serve in our local church to not do it out of a have to attitude but rather because Jesus makes their hearts sing.

Buy the book now and thank me later. It is officially released on October 9th. Check out Sally and Jago site for the book Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. 


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