CMLeaders Conference

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The past two days have been incredible. It has been a steady flow of amazing content. I have been challenged in so many ways.

Here are a few of the things I love about CMLeaders so far.

1. Love that the whole thing is streaming.
2. Love the relaxed feel
3. Love the all general session format
4. I really like the fact the size of the conference is smaller.
5. Really liked the diversity of the speakers.

Here is what I think CMLeaders can do for next year.

1. Shorten the talks with a sharper focus and greater big idea feel
2. Create idea pods based on the big idea – where people can unpack the big ideas
3. Use video to stimulate conversation around the big ideas that are conveyed.

Overall love the feel and flow of the conference. Love Michael‘s heart and vision for a conference that addresses the issues of leaders in kidmin who lead other leaders. If you are looking for a conference to grow, challenge your leadership paradigms consider coming to CMLeaders next year.

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  1. Sam – I really enjoyed being able to watch the streaming, too. That was valuable for me and I picked up some useful things that way.


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