3 things I love about the next conference I’m going to.


There are many conferences out there. Lots of options having gone to many of them I have learned that each one offers a unique take on training, on networking, and on resources.

In a couple of weeks I am going to be speaking at CMLeaders conference in Columbus OH. I am stoked to hear from leaders around the country and to grow in my own leadership. Here a few quick things I love about CMLeaders.

1. While many conference adress leadership, this conference is dedicated to it. The big myth people who get into kids ministry buy into is that I am doing kids ministry because I love kids. The reality is you as a kids pastor need to love people who love kids. That’s leadership.

2. It’s a TED style conference. All general sessions no breakouts – very different but I love TED talks so I am really excited to see how it plays out.

3. Love Michael Chanley‘s passion for equipping and serving people who serve people. Often times conferences take on the personally of the leader. Chanley is a great leader with a huge heart for others.

I hope to see you there. This conference is an amazing opportunity at a great price. REGISTER NOW!

4 thoughts on “3 things I love about the next conference I’m going to.”

  1. Thanks for the post, Sam! Looking forward to meeting you at the conference! I’m also a big fan of all general sessions — no breakouts. I would love to do an interview with you if you have any free time. I’m a huge fan of your blog and would love to hear more about your children’s ministry journey. Thanks!

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

    1. Lindsey I would love to talk with you. Looking forward to the conference and meeting you and the Kidmin people I have yet to meet.

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