Podcasts you need to listen to

Here are the podcasts I listen to most.

Tim Keller Podcast 

Andy Stanley Greatest Hits. 

John Piper – Desiring God

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Matt Chandler

HBR Ideacast

My Churches Podcast

Ted Talks

Acts 29 Sermons

Stuff you should know

Stuff you missed in history Class

I would love to hear what podcasts you listen to.

5 comments On Podcasts you need to listen to

  • Some that i listen to that you have not listed are:
    1. Great work interviews. Inspiring leaders and thinkers talk about how they find, start, and sustain their great work.
    2. Media TECH weekly. Digital enthusiast talk about the ever changing world of technology.
    3. This is your life. Michael Hyatt podcast, one of my favorites.
    4. Kidmin Talk. weekly look at the world of cm.

  • I'm a big fan of Take Ten, but the guy who was doing them hasn't done one in a looooong time. Sad.

  • "Under the Influence" is a fascinating podcast about marketing from CBC Radio. I never cared about marketing, but now it fascinates me because of this podcast.

  • Have you listened to the Phil Vischer podcast? It's a new one, but he gets into some deep stuff. Definitely one worth checking out.

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