Are you Insecure?

Read this in a book I am reading called “The Importance of Being Foolish” by Brennan Manning. Such a powerful reminder of our need for constant dependance.

Insecurity not only paralyzes our relationship with the living God but has a devastating effect on interpersonal relationships. It is the starting point of all social estrangement. It breaks down openness, which is the bridge to the existential world of the other.It undermines real communication and causes a kind of rupture in the evolution of authentic personality. Ken Keys Jr. Writes:

The security center is such a lonely level of consciousness. When you consciousness is preoccupied with striving toward what you feel to be your security needs, you are more isolated from people than at any other level. And your energy will be at its lowest. When you are preoccupied with security, you are trapped in conflicting conditions in your relationships with others. You create “others” as objects to help you become more secure – or as objects to fight because they threaten your security. On the security level you cannot love others since this level creates great distances between you and other people.

The insecure Christian finds it exceedingly difficult to listen to the opinions of others. He is so uncertain about his own identity that he has to assert himself all the time, gripped as he is by the fear that in listening to others or surrendering an opinion he may lose a part of his own shaky identity.

So powerful. Our hope and our identity has got to be firmly found in Him. If our peace, if our joy, if our foundation is anything other than Christ we will be shaken. The deeper our trust in Him the more He will be exulted and glorified in our triumphs and in our tragedies.

Be secure you have been bought with a price walk in the Grace by which you have been saved. Enabling you to extend love and grace in every interaction because of the grace and love afforded to you.


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