What you build speaks louder than what you tweet.


What you build speaks louder than what you tweet.

I love twitter it’s a powerful tool and every kids pastor should be on twitter to learn and grow and share what they have learned. I have met some amazing children’s pastors that I would never have know if it wasn’t for twitter. For that I am grateful.

One of the things that concerns me with the advent of twitter and facebook is that people can gain a platform and become an expert without ever having built anything. Am I saying the only people that should say anything are those who have 2000 kids in their ministry? Absolutely not.

I just get very concerned that people spend more energy building a social platform and promoting themselves rather than build a team sow their life into something and build the Kingdom.

In the end it comes down to motivation. How do I know because every time I do anything that involves recognition I have to ask myself why am I doing what I am doing.  We all tend to be selfish and focused on us. It takes a daily recognition that I need God’s help to keep me focused on the things that matter most.

In the end it really is all about motivation and though I can not know the motivation of others I can question my own motives and judge that others are producing. If what you are doing produces good fruit Matthew 7:16 people will ask how we did what we did. We will be forced to explain that we planted and we watered but it was God who caused the increase.

When what you build brings glory to God and builds His church what you tweet doesn’t really matter.

If you are a young leader

1. Build the church not a following
2. Deflect praise and Give Glory to God for everything
3. Ask more questions than you answer
4. Don’t build a platform build the Kingdom
5. Preach the Gospel no matter the cost.

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