Guerrilla Parenting: Active time vs. Passive time

There has been an age old debate in parenting. The debate always has been between quality time and quantity. Which is more important?

I believe that new debate for the 21st century for parents to struggle with is between active time with your kids and passive time.

I still am wrestling with this idea, I was playing with my son the other day at the same time I was checking email. I realized that I was passively engaging both those who were emailing me as well as my son. I find the busier I get the more people that need my time the better I need to be at actively engaging people. I try give a little of my time to everyone I end up cheating everyone.

As a parent in the digital constant contact society you need to set digital boundaries. I remember a couple of things that Doug Fields shared at his main session at the Orange Conference in 2009.

1. Do you hold your iPhone more than you hold your kids?
2. Don’t talk on the phone when you are in the car with your kids. You will miss out on massive opportunities to connect with your kids.

As a father and leader you need to be actively present. Your kids and the people in your life deserve not quality, not quantity but active time.

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