Seth Godin on why go to conferences

Here is an excerpt from Seth’s Blog…

It costs a ton of time and money to go to something like SXSW. Other than having a blast, why go?

Here’s an interesting way to think about it, something I’ve used to change the way I attend events (I don’t do many, and won’t be there, so have fun without me):

Instead, I focus on what I do remember: the engaged conversations. The one on one discussions of what someone is working on. Helping a friend design a book cover or solve a thorny entrepreneurial problem. Sneaking out to go to a taco stand for lunch with a very cool CEO…

These are the reasons it is worth going. (At least for me). So do more of that, I think.

This isn’t easy to do. Most conferences are organized around mass, not around individual interactions that last. It takes an effort to seek out conversations that matter.

Will people miss you if you don’t show up next year? Why?

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I couldn’t agree more. Love the question he ends with. If you don’t go to a conference who will miss you and why? Great question!

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