What is a Facebook Evangelist?

Well to be honest I am still hashing it out myself. Here is what I have so far. It really is to big a job for one person so there will be three layers.

1. Personal Access
2. Fan Page Access
3. Relay Team

1. Personal Access – This person will have access to my personal Facebook account to send messages to new families to the church, send messages to people who haven’t come in a while. Initial contact and specific contact via Facebook should be done from a person and not an organization page. I will only have one person do this

2. Fan page Access – This could be more than one person. This will include the uploading of take home papers, creation and promotion of events. The decimation of information to parents about up coming events and issues they need to be aware of. This person will also help run the Facebook family nights as well as the Saturday night lives.

3. Relay team – This is simply people who are fans of Uptown who would be willing to forward information to their friends. They help spread the info about a game or event so more people can here the message of Uptown.

I would love hear from you all. What specific jobs and duties should a Facebook evangelist have?

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