6 ways I overcome writers block.

The irony of this post is I am writing about writers block because I have writers block. I usually have no problem knowing what I am going to write for about two weeks at a time.

I also have a magazine article due at the end of next week. This is not a good time for writers block.

How do I personally get writers block

1. Stress
2. Sickness
3. Lots of creative demand (been doing lots of creative work lately)
4. Lack of sleep
5. Overwhelmed by projects and deadlines
6. Having to write something

How do I overcome writers block

1. Read more.
2. Talk to creative people
3. Change my environment. Get up and walk around.
4. Go to New York City – Most creative place I know.
5. Drink Coffee
6. Take a 15 min nap

That’s what I do what do you do?

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