What I learned from Jim Wideman Pt.4

What you actually do is more important than what you say you do!

One of the things I love most about the internet is being able to connect with like minded kids people from all over the nation. One of the things I like least is seeing people use their churches and use the internet to build a following for themselves.

In the internet age it is very easy to inflate numbers and talk about what other people are doing and in the process garner lots of attention, followers or what have you. The problem with that is when you do that you build your house, reputation and relationships on things that don’t last and won’t work. On more than one occasion a kids pastor has asked Brother Jim how they can become the next Brother Jim. I am not here to judge their motives but at best that is sort of like my 6 year old son asking if he can have my iPhone when I’m dead and at worst it’s self-focused egotism at best classless immaturity.

One of the things I care deeply about is helping others who are in kids ministry. Do I know everything? No. Have I learned lots of stuff by making stupid mistakes I can help others avoid. Absolutely. We all struggle from time to time with pride and focusing on the wrong things but if we can learn to live authentic lives and care more about building the Kingdom and not our own little fiefdoms the #kidmin universe will be much better off.

What we actually do is way more valuable than trying to maintain an image or build something Jesus isn’t apart of. God has given each of us gifts and talents and has placed us in places where you can influence others, we need to use what he has given us to build the kingdom. My goal in life isn’t to be know by masses but to be found in him. To reach the families in our area who are far from Christ and to help my three beautiful kids come to know Christ and live Gospel centered lives because, Jesus is everything.

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  • So this begs the question, what can I do to be the next Sam Luce? But seriously, thanks so much for your passion and insight. I can see that you care so much less about being famous and so much more about passing on your knowledge to others and I appreciate that. It is that attitude that makes me want to learn more from you and that keeps me coming back to this blog. Which brings up another question, when you die, can I have your blog?

  • Sam, great stuff. You need a "like" button on your site. just sayin

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