What I learned from Jim Wideman Pt.2

Support your pastor!

I know that we all know this but actually doing it can be difficult at times. We live in a culture that second guesses everything. From sports to the quickest way to the mall we always think we know more than the person in charge. How many times have you yelled at your TV because the manager isn’t pulling the pitcher when he should. Or how often does your football team not call a time out when they should. It’s frustrating right? Well the same thing can creep into the church, when you pastor says this is where we are going, and you don’t agree it’s tough.

One of the things I learned in Bible college is that I knew everything about how to build a great church or so I thought. When I left the class room and found myself knee deep in toddlers I learned a very valuable truth. It’s easy to criticize its difficult to lead. To criticize take no amount of blood, sweat or tears leading does. The end result of building a team that has momentum based around the vision your pastor has laid out is thrilling.

As a children’s worker your job is not to build your own kingdom but to build the kingdom of God through the vision and dreams of your pastor. There are many kids pastors who think they know better than their pastors or who operate their own ministry and use the church simply as a platform for their ministry. This is divisive and wrong. If got has called you to minister to kids he has also called you to a church and to a pastor. Your job is find out who, and where God is calling you. As a children’s pastor you are called to lead but you are not the senior leader your job is to build the kingdom of God through the vision God has given to your pastor.

What do you do if you disagree with your pastor? You will from time to time disagree here is what you should do.

1. Disagree in private, tell your pastor why you see things differently in a respectful way and through the channels your church culture dictates.
2. Agree in public, once you have done what you can do in private agree in public
3. Remember that you are part of a team and it’s not all about you
4. Make sure everything you do and say builds the church.
5. Pray for your pastor –
6. Think of all the things that you love about your pastor and your church.
7. If you can’t agree with your pastor and you have done everything you can do then and only then do you pray about moving to another place. Moving should be our last resort.

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