What Defines You?

You are what you allow define you.

I found this post over at the Redeemercitytocity.com blog. He had some great points definately worth a read.

Talking about what defines you. I think this is something that every children’s pastor and leader needs to revisit from time to time.

You are not the size of your kids ministry

You are not as smart as you think you are

You are not how relevant you are

You are not the amount of twitter followers you have

You are not the coolness of your invironments

You are not the conferences you speak at or attend

You are not the check in system your church uses

You are not your ability to speak and communicate

What you are is

You are a Child of the King

You are redeemed by Grace

You are a loving spouse

You are a caring parent

You are accepted

You are beautiful not because of how you look but because of how you respond to the correcting hand of your creator

You are annointed

You are a man/woman of God

You mean the world to your team and every kid in your church

You are only where you are today because the never stoping, never ceasing, unbreakable always and forever love of Jesus Christ our Redemeer. Never Forget that!

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