Retro Post: Pitfalls of Kids Ministry: Theology: Story vs. Fact

One of the pitfalls of Children’s ministry is we tell so many bible stories we treat the bible like it is a story book or play script.

I am not trying to say every kids pastor treats the bible with irreverence. I am saying that when we are using the stories in the bible as a medium to communicate truth we can forget that those stories really happened.

How can we remember and reinforce the bible as a History book?

1. Preach from the bible to your kids. – Bring your bible on stage don’t just use story sheets.

2. Read the bible for yourself not just for your lesson plans.

3. Study the Bible – It is easy to just rehearse the stories you have learned dig deeper push yourself to learn more.

4. Communicate to your kids that what you are about to talk about really happened.

5. Check your beliefs: Do you believe the bible is true and actually happened.

The bible is a supernatural book. It will change your life. It will change the life your kids. Let it.

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