Don't believe your own bio.

Bio’s are a like a big nose everyone has one, well lots of people have them. From the rise of blogging to the invention of “The social Network” everyone has a 140 character description of who they are and what they’ve done. Having a bio isn’t a problem. The problem comes when we start believing our own bio’s.

In the past few weeks I have had the honor of speaking at two amazing conferences and was recognized by Children’s Ministry Magazine as one of the 20 up and coming kids pastors to watch. All of which I am humbled, amazed and overwhelmed by as I write this.

As I was having some alone time with God he dropped this challange in my spirit: “Don’t Believe Your Own Bio.” If we are going to shoot straight and be totally honest we have all met people who not only believe their own bio but add in extra stuff to sound even more important. I NEVER want to be that guy.  Here are a few things I constantly remind myself so that I always view everything I do in the proper perspective.

1. I have what I have and am what I am ultimately because of the power of Christ in me.
2. Behind every successful person is a family that supported and believed,  in that person.
3. Success never happens in a vacuum any one person success is most often because of a team that helped directly or indirectly.
4. I believe the local Church is the hope of the world. Everything I do is to help the local church grow, expand and reach people far from Christ.
5. As talented as I or others may think I am there are many more people out there that know more than me, that are far more talented than me. Those people need to speak up because we all can benefit from your wisdom
6. I still have heaps to learn and I believe that I can learn from everyone and anyone.

One of the things that has amazed me over the past 3 years is the amount of people blogging, collaborating and working together. The more we work together the more Christ gets the credit and the Gospel gets spread. If you don’t blog, collaborate or work with any other kids people do it now the kingdom of God needs your voice.

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