TakeTen: The Role of Technology in Kidmin

I had a short lived idea to do a video podcast that I called TakeTen. It would TakeTen minutes to make and TakeTen minutes to listen to it. My idea was to interview different people in kidmin for ten minutes and release it as a podcast unedited and uncensored. The video aspect didn’t work so well so I thought I would turn the idea into a podcast.

In this TakeTen I take Ten minutes to talk with Matt Mckee about  The Role of Technology in Kidmin. Matt is one of the more tech savvy guys I know. In fact he was playing foursquare when we all thought it was a playground sport and he was tweeting when we all thought that only birds did that. Matt has also been very involved in the children’s ministry in local churches for years.

Matt is also a personal friend of mine, I have learned much from him I hope you take ten minutes and listen to what he has to say about technology  in kidmin.

Here’s where you can go to keep up with Matt:

His blog: Mattmckee.me
His business: R04r.com

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