Red resources: Tools to help families stay gospel centered.

Yesterday I talked about how in our conversations and strategy we need to be careful. That we don’t focus so much on reaching families that we forget the power to change families lies in the power of the gospel not in programs, virtues or milestones alone. Communicating to our families that Jesus plus nothing else = our right standing before God.

I have been thinking alot lately about how we can resource a gospel focused vision for every family. I have come up with a few things, some I have thought up myself many I have borrowed and tweeked from the Kidmin community.

1. Catechism – I am almost finished creating catechism sheets for every grade in our kids ministry. I borrowed the age breakdown from Jared Kennedy who I believe got his catechism from Westmister, and just added a bit of color. To me catechism is an important part of children’s ministry, but one that should be done at home where they can see that it’s questions about life based on the word of God. Doing catechism at church in my opinion reduces the questions to rules of conduct which are not enough to save anyone. Catechism done at home has power because kids learn the rules but in the context of relationship, which is a powerful combination.

2. Family events – I am going to start doing family events at our church on a regular basis. The purpose of these events is to create an atmosphere where families can have a shared experience. Another goal of these events it to give parents tools to facilitate God talks with their kids, but lastly and most importantly I plan to use these events as a venue to preach a gospel message and allow parents to lead their own kids across the line of faith.

These are a couple of things we use or will be using. What do you guys use?

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