A word from our sponsors: Ministry-to-Children.com

Ministry To Children is a fantastic resource for anyone associated in any form whatsoever with Children’s Ministry. They have a huge variety of resources for anyone from a stay at home mom to a full-time kids worker. A few months ago I met Tony Kummer he is a great guy, what I love most about Tony is that he uses his influence in the #kidmin community to push others to the forefront. He and his group of writers at MTC do an amazing job of creating quality FREE content.

He has lessons, object lesson and he is specifically advertising coloring pages on my site. I don’t care what curriculum you use if you have ever spent more than 15min teaching preschoolers you start looking for a coloring page. They are the great preschool equalizers. So do me and yourself a favor and head over to Ministry-to-children download a coloring page and tell Tony that emo spidey sent you. (Tony started a kidmin firestorm a while back when he got everyone on twitter to agree I my avatar looked like emo peter parker.)

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