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At orange I had the opportunity to meet Craig Jutila what a great guy. One of the guys who was with him was Joe McGinnis. Joe does all the stuff for family ministry and runs the empoweringkids site. It has lots of great insights and tools for families and those who minister to families. Here is a little bit about who Joe is:

I’m Joe McGinnis, I’ve been in Children’s / Family ministry for over 13 years. I have a great wife and 4 kids- and we’re hoping to get our 5th child this summer from Ethiopia. My wife and I have written The Family Road Map – available (
and now I’m heading up the Empowering Families Blog.

It’s our goal for this site to be a tool for families. A place for encouragement and resources for Dad and Mom. In the “sound-bite parenting” world that we live in, it’s our hopes that we can offer daily help and encouragement to parents to be the spiritual leaders that God has called them to be… something like that. 🙂 Naturally, the resources and stuff will link to the empowering kids site / resources… hopefully we can get some parents to follow and become and encouragement to their kids and other parents.

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