Stuff Kid's Pastors like #105: Superheros

Every kids pastor likes a good cartoon actually I believe most of us watch cartoons in the name of “relevance” when if we were honest we would just admit hanging with kids keep us young and we just like cartoons. Some of the greatest cartoons out there are superhero cartoons they represent the classic struggle of good and evil with good always winning out in the end. When I watch a movie I always make associations who the actor reminds me of for example I remind my wife of Johnny Depp and I remind Tony of Evil Peter Parker. In light of that last association I thought it would be fun to share with you what superhero some children’s pastors you may know remind me of.

Reggie Joiner – Orange Lantern – I think if Reggie was a super hero he would be the green lantern but since the mental picture my mind creates when even hearing Reggies name mentioned is a bag of oranges, I am sure DC comics would allow for a script revision. After reading his books and going to his conference and using his curiculium I am pretty sure he come from the future in a wormhole to stress the importance of family ministry. The plasma bolts serve as a nice back up should we not head his message, a message I might add that should be headed by all. So when you think green think orange.

Jim WidemanMr. Incredible – – I think Jim reminds me of Mr. Incredible because I don’t think he will ever retire. I don’t think he could. I also think he would be a horrible insurance salesman. Jim is also bigger than me. As a skinny person I automatically assume that anyone that has a body mass greater than mine, is very very strong. If Jim ever had to enter witness protection like Mr. Incredible did he would blow his cover every time because his passion for what he does is greater than his own sense of self preservation. There are a lot of people out there trying to become the next big thing (i can smell them a mile away – it’s my spiritual gift.), not Jim he is great not because he wants to be but because he loves people. You want to be incredible? Love people.

Craig Jutila – Auqua Man – He does an amazing talk on liquid leadership. I met him at orange this year and was totally blown away by his down to earthiness. He seems to not only to be a liquid leader but also has a very fluid likeableness to him. Also he lives in California I think I remember reading somewhere that to live in California you have to speak dolphin.

Karl Bastian “The Kidologist” – Inspector Gadget – I don’t know if it is his vast database of object lessons or his first logo back in the day that pictured a cartoon man riding a unicycle while juggling. The whole appeal of the inspector gadget series is that kids find all his gadgets cool and exciting but every kid really knows that Penny solves the crimes. Karl is all about empowering leaders to inspire kids.

Lanny Donoho – The riddler – At first I thought The Joker but riddler is much more fitting. First of all the costume wearing a green suit with question marks all over it seems right up Lanny’s alley. The other reason I think riddler fits Lanny  is his ability to add layers of confusion by connect dots conversationally that don’t exist in my mind and yours.

Sue Miller – Elastigirl – I think Sue would be elastigirl because she is a woman, wife, mother and in full time ministry. To do all those things well if you are not flexible you wont last. As difficult as ministry can be women who do kids ministry and serve their families when they get home amaze me.

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