Lost remembered 24 forgotten-already.

Well in back to back days I have seen the series finales of two shows that had been my favorite at one time.

I remember watching the very first episode of 24. I was hooked until season 5 when the writing became stale and predictable. I also remember watching the first episode of the second season of Lost it took me a while but the show gradually became my favorite show on TV.

I have a few reasons why Lost will be remembered and 24 will be forgotten

1. Lost told a cohesive story. They connected dots from season to season rewarding the audience by letting them in and explaining things that took place seasons before. 24 treated each year as a stand alone show after watching 3 or 4 seasons you start realizing that every day is like the rest.

2. The writers of lost had a comprehensive plan and focused on a good story. 24 seemed to be more concerned with plot twists and convoy ambushes.

3. 24 was focused on a larger than life figment of someones imagination. Lost told the stories of everyday people like you and me. People who were heroic at times and cowardly others. People like you and me. (*the lost characters were figments of someones imagination as well just more realistic that’s all)

4. Everyone on Lost was dead the whole time. Jack died and came back to life 6 times.

5. In Lost violence was a subplot in 24 it was “the” plot.

6. Lost left on their own terms 24 was asked to leave.

What I loved most about Lost is they had a compelling story that they didn’t strangle. To many shows and movies for that matter don’t tell an interesting compelling story. They are just mindless entertainment. I really don’t know what will take the place of Lost for me. 24 on the other hand will not be missed. I saw this day coming for years. The best part of 24 for me was live tweeting it on twitter.

So goodbye Lost and good riddance 24.

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9 thoughts on “Lost remembered 24 forgotten-already.”

  1. Great post. But FYI. They weren't always dead on Lost. Just the Flash Sideways, and just this season. But you're right. Lost was a show with a plan. And a good plan. I'll miss it.

  2. I never, and by that I mean never, actually saw an episode of lost. I planned on watching it because it was from the creators of Alias (a show which I did like – for a while anyhow). Alas, I never got around to it. I do recall reading stories about how it suffered and was losing viewers a couple of seasons in. Then they announced when the series would end as I recall. It was at that point that the show seemed to revive again which raises an interesting point.

    It was only when the end was in sight, that the show gained focus and traction. A story has to have an ending, and it's a whole lot easier to tell that story when you have your eyes on the end before you even start. Seems to me I read something about focusing on "The End" recently. 🙂

    Nice post and a great summary of the shows. It almost makes me want to go back and watch Lost – almost!

    1. Very true Wayne begining with the end in mind makes for a much more compelling story line. It is just much easier said than done, at least for me.

  3. I think that 24's peek was its 5th season and that it should've ended there (what more can be done after the president is corrupted?). Lost's twist after season 3 brought it new found vigor and ideas. And even if people didn't like the finale, the fact that it left us with no answers will have us talking for months to come.

    Plus Lost was about characters (especially one major person) and themes of sacrifice, redemption, forgiveness, spirituality, life and death…things we all think about and can relate to. And the theme of community. Kudos for the producers of Lost for tying the main things together.
    Something we can't relate to: being on the run from the Russians…twice.

  4. I think LOST could have easily gone the wrong way. I remember reading an Entertainment Weekly back in 2007 where Stephen King wrote about LOST… I think he has a column in EW. In his column, he was calling on the writers of Lost to end the show, not because it was bad, but because so few shows have lasting power. Corporate greed overpowers the writers ability to create a compelling story. The studio wants to milk a show as long as they can and writers… the real heart of the show have to react… they're not in control. It was cool to read that article and then a year or two later they announced an end date. Glad they stayed true to their word.

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