Stuff Children's Pastors like #103

When the lightbulb comes on.

One of the things that Children’s pastors like is when the lightbulb comes on. If you ever ask a children’s pastor what their favorite thing about being a children’s pastor is they will invariably say “I love seeing the light come on in a child’s eyes when teaching them about God” I to like this but have started thinking about ways that we can mix it up a bit due to overuse of the the lightbulb analogy and the lack of specificity it provides.

I have a few ideas of things we can add into our vocabulary as children’s pastors other than “The lightbulb coming on”

I love it when the glow stick snaps – This metaphor would be best to describe how kids are to be hearer and doers. In a glow stick the two chemicals that glow are separated by a small glass wall once that wall is broken your stick starts glowing. The world of God is what breaks that barrier in kids minds between being hearers an doers of the word.

I love it when the bug gets zapped – This metaphor speaks of when wrong ideas about God, church and religion get zapped by the truth of God’s word.

I love it when lightning strikes – This one should be used sparingly for obvious reasons. Mostly because parents could misinterpret this one for evil.

I love it when a torch gets lit – This one speaks more about kids learning about God though things that don’t use electricity such as flannel graphs and puppets.

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