Iconic Values

(Above our our 4 Be Attitudes – Be Safe – Be Courteous – Be Engaging – Be Consistent)

If you are anything like me you love to read, hear about leadership in a concerted effort to grow and expand my own ability to lead I try to learn from every leader I meet. One of the things you hear all the time is that vision leaks. Actually talking about vision leaking must also leak because people (rightly so) talk about it often.

I had a conversation with our brilliant Albany campus pastor @garethgilpin and it got me thinking about putting the values of Uptown in icon format. I remind our volunteer staff every week what they are but I believe seeing them will take it to the next level.

Why use a visual modifier for your values.

  • Helps them see and hear what our values are.
  • Holds us accountable to our families – they know what we are supposed to be doing just knowing that they know will help us stay on our A-game
  • Helps stop the leaking
  • We are a graphic driven society and I believe that an icon can permeate our culture in a more pervasive way than words on a wall.
  • Icons can tend to be well…..iconic

How do you stop vision from leaking? I would love to hear it.



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