Interview with Dallas Willard (part 2 of 3)

The other day on Google wave Chris Chancey posted and interview he had with Dallas Willard. I found it helpful and several things that Dr. Willard had to say spoke to me so I asked Chris if I could post it because I believe there are lots of nuggets to think about from the oldest veteran out there to the kids pastor just starting out.

Here is the link to Part 1 in case you missed it.

2. What are some ways that you suggest I invest in a few of them?

– Visit them at home

Many children’s pastors I know get bogged down in their administrative duties. Communicating with the parents first of course, and then spending time with a child at their home can cure any emotions of workaholic-ism. This can also begin to answer the question of how you impact families and kids outside of the few hours a month they may come in the doors of your church.

  • Know their families

By knowing the child’s family, whether the parents are regular church attendees or never com at all, can have a major impact on the family. If you see a secondary purpose in children’s ministry as to reach the family, then knowing them should be imperative.

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  1. visiting and knowing the kids – I know that takes time, and time seems at a premium when there are hundreds of kids to connect with… what is the balance? what does it look like? how do you choose which ones to visit apart from "care" needs? I'm constantly trying to find that balance, if not anything to stay connecting to the heart of what kidmin is really all about… God's plan for these kids! Great article, looking forward to part 3 Sam!

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