GiveAway Tuesday: Free Wave Invite

I have been on google wave for a couple of weeks now thanks to my very good friend Jonathan Cliff who happens to have a fantastic blog full of practical kids ministry goodness.

So far despite it being a bit buggy here and there (totally expected because it so new) I think the possibilities are endless. I really see the bulk of the usefulness being team collaboration. I think there is tons of value there and can envision loads of ways google will no-doubt make it better by the time they make it more main stream. I was going to say take it out of beta but I think gmail is still in beta like 7 years later.

In summery I truly believe that Google wave will be an essential tool to kids ministry and anyone who works in a collaborative way with a team.

So back to the invite. If you want a free invite leave a comment and I will randomly select 2 people to receive one.

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