Only In New York!

We are in New York as a church staff for our annual staff retreat planing for the year to come. Talking vision and values. Lots of work, fun, food and laughs, good times.

There is no city like New York City. I love New York City! I have this theory that there are more crazy people in New York City because there is so many people in such a small amount of space. There are crazy people in places like North Dakota just with so few people across so much space you never really notice.

If you have never been to NY you need to come. There is no place like it.


(That’s a lot of bubble wrap)


(Weird sign – Because there are a LOT of cabs in NYC)


(Our team walking down the street, with one random lady)


(2 cabs, a graffiti van, and a tow truck = Only in New York)


(A poor guy from Pennsylvania, being treated to tow for New York’s Finest)


(Japanese Magic Thermal Straightening, wow)


(Pinkberry+Pastor Mike = Swirly Goodness)


(How New Yorker’s water plants)


(Is it just me or does every city have a hammock lady doing polities)


(If you ever watched Seinfeld you know this is where Jimmy likes to work out and where George goes to the bathroom)

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