Customer Service: Forward

Let me start this series by stating the obvious. We in the church world are not about the bottom line. We are about changed lives.

So in the next few days when I refer to customer service I am not talking about selling something I am referring to creating an environment that is conducive to life change. We want to partner with to Holy Spirit to see people became more like Christ. We want people to come to church and experience something in such a way it not only leaves a good or “God” taste in their mouth. We want people to come and experience than go and do.

In the next few days we will talk about the following.

Customer Service Chapter 1: Tiffany’s (do your values translate to a personal level?)
Customer Service Chapter 2: Lowes’ (Do you have a lot of stuff and no experts?)
Customer Service Chapter 3: Starbucks (Are you creating an environment?)
Customer Service Chapter 4: Neiman Marcus (Are you authentic?)
Customer Service Chapter 5: Nordstrom’s (Do you go the extra mile?)

Let me know if any companies come to your mind when I say Customer service and why?

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