YouTube Friday: I need a Napkin

The buzz is beginning to build for the napkin conference. The napkin conference is not going to be your normal everyday kids pastors conference. I believe that there is a serious need for innovation in kids ministry not just for innovation sake but to use new methods what ever methods necessary to reach a new breed of kid.

If you are like me you are constantly on the lookout for something new something different. I can’t wait to go to Vegas baby! Join me in Feb 2010.

If your pastor isn’t to keen on the idea of you going to the conference perhaps you can sing him a song in your next staff meeting Enter youtube friday Watch this video memorize the words change them slightly from “Can I get a napkin please” to “Can I go to napkin please.” Stand up on the table during your staff meeting  and belt it out, your pastor will let you go based on your passion alone.

(If you do this please videotape it and send it to me.)


Thanks to @sushilicious for the heads up on this video. The force that is with your brother is also with you.

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