Do You Have A Farm System? You Should.

Does your church have a farm system?

A farm system in baseball is basically a small version of a major league team, where young players are allowed to grow and mature without the stress and bright lights of the big stage.

Our church has used a farm system.

1. Our Worship Team – All of our youth band and much of our Adult band started playing worship in our kids church.

How does this work? I stay in close contact with the person in charge of the youth and adult worship side of things always asking what needs they have and who could use a chance to grow through more exposure. In years past when we had live worship we started all musicians in our kids church for them to grow and learn when they were ready they would move to youth and adult worship teams as they grew in talent and confidence.

Right now we do DVD worship so the process is a bit different. The principle remains the same. I am starting a Preschool worship team and am looking to my 12-15 year olds to plug in to those slots so they will be ready to lead our elementary kids and soon our youth. Our lead pastor loves multiple worship leaders on stage at once so this is going to really help our church for years to come.

2. Our Team Teachers – We as a multi-campus church are always in need of more communicators. When I am looking to add more communicators to my kids teams I always try to think of people that I can work with that can then turn and use those skills to help our youth pastor and strengthen his teaching team.

At the heart of it you as a kids pastor need to realize that you are ground zero for your churches values. Find out what your churches values are embrace and and infuse them.

How does your team do “the farm system” I’d love to hear from you.

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  • yep totally agree. We do a farm system different for areas. For example our SGL’s spend observation time in a classroom helping the teachers. They are mentored by the lead person in that room.

    Production peeps: aka my crew is a bit different. Our production team for a Sunday, lights, video screens, audio, all kids. I consider them a farm team only because of age but they are straight up full members. They rock. I have some teens that spend time teaching and hanging out with them.

    As far as large group communicators go I’m thinking about it and haven’t really figured it out. I would love to tap into a local high school’s drama program and work with some teens on that end of things. Love it Sam! Keep it up!!

  • JC thanks for your thoughts.

    I think connecting with the drama program is a great idea.

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