Why everyone needs to know a New Yorker.

YouTube Monday? I won’t be doing YouTube Friday this week because of Good Friday but this video a friend of mine sent me is just way to good to sit on for two weeks.

This video supports my theory that every person needs at least one New Yorker in their life. The guy in the video you are about to watch was not so lucky. What would a New Yorker have said to this man you ask. “When you sing like that you creep people out. If you ever want a long term friendship with anyone NEVER do whatever that was ever again.” This guy obviously did not have anyone in his life telling him the truth.

So if you don’t know a New Yorker get to know one. Your life depends on it.


6 comments On Why everyone needs to know a New Yorker.

  • Thank you for being my New Yorker friend

  • Thank God, I know several New Yorkers.

  • Maybe he forgot his puppet??

  • That would be weird even if he had some sort of puppet or something… the fact that he didn’t have one… whoa… that’s just… wow………

  • Oh my… I don’t even know what to say. I was watching this for the first minute or something and I was just thinking… what’s the big deal? It’s just cheesy church music from like 10-25 year ago. Then just as I was about to click away… the voice started.

    Oh my. You know, I’m going to challenge you on this one Sam. I bet someone has said something to him before. Maybe a New Yorker, maybe not. But he probably equated it with persecution for doing the Lord’s work. Drats!

    I’ll never be the same again!

  • uh-uh that was so weird…and that laugh gets to me !!!

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