Tale of two signs.

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I know that I am not the sign guru that my friend Matt is. But I am passionate about our mission, and our kids mission statement is as follows “We exist to create lifechanging environments for kids.”

One of the things that irritates me in children’s ministry is we allow what works to rob us of what’s possible.

I had to make a sign that functioned to inform parents and guests that our Uptown experience would be different due to our kids doing a performance in the sanctuary. To often we settle for high focus on information low on inspiration. When we redid our kids wing I decided to never do things that took away from the experience. Crappy signs may work to give out information but do not inspire greatness.

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  • I’m all in for excellence – it is my motto, but I find the time it takes to make signage is can be overwhelming, especially when you do not have a personal graphics person at your disposal. I am not sure that signs are the determining factor of a ministry inspired by greatness or not. If I had someone to handle all the communications that need to take place in our ministry, Oh the things you would see. When so many other things are on my plate, I can’t afford to to get caught in the trap of focusing on things that truly, in the end, someone will throw away and never remember. Please don’t misunderstand, I know the importance of good signage in a ministry area – but I do need to let go of the minor stuff. Just my thoughts – can you tell I am understaffed?

  • I noticed some people with kids at church on easter for the first time. I think that seeing a really cool sign as opposed to some cheap piece of paper taped up saying closed would give them a great impression of the children’s programs and even though their kids couldn’t attend this week would definitely make them want to come back and check it out!! I also know we are blessed with some very talented people who are willing to use their gifts to help achieve our goals.

  • Right on. And for the love of God, no hand written signs!

  • Right on. And for the love of God, no handwritten signs!

  • Just wanted everyone to know that I do not make hand written signs, I was referring to the graficlly (sp) perfect kind. I have never put up handwritten. Print Shop and Adobe are my friends. 🙂

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