Why I……….Laugh (The Art of Funny)


I think most people think funny is something that just happens or is learned by reading some book. My personal opinion is that funny is not easy funny is rare. Funny is a science.

If funny was something that many people possess or understood why would every single person who is looking for a potential mate say that one of must haves is a sense of humor. My theory for the lack of humor in peoples lives lies not in what you say but in what you do not say.

To many people say the first thing that comes to their mind. Bad idea. My good friend Chico describes the art of funny as “The Force” in Star Wars. You have to hone your craft and train your mind.

I have met many funny people in my life, from them I have learned the following facts about humor:

1. Timing – Comedy is all timing pace, location and duration – all timing.
2. Filter out the stupid thoughts and pick out the gems. (Not easy and the reason most people aren’t funny they surround their gems with forgettable statements that only they find funny)
3. Know your audience. Use appropriateness. Insult after insult = insult
4. The George Costnza rule – Walk away on the top of your game.

Some of the funniest people i have met or hope to met someday Mark Schilling our churches Youth Pastor, the aforementioned Chico, the stuff christians like blog guy (the guy is a genius, to reverently mock christian subculture, gotta love it.), and Funny Man Dan whose recent addition to Dave’s blog roll made me think about this post. FMD is a brilliant writer and his blog almost always makes me laugh out loud.

Comedy is not easy, but I guess if it was than everyone would be funny and if everyone was funny I think no one would be funny.

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    Mr Luce you have hit the nail on the head, you are on the money, you have achieved 78 out of 102 other clichés that writers strive to achieve (including hitting the bullseye and slightly overcook the shrimp that is on the Barbie – hey we needed to include some traditional Australian clichés).

    This is such a accurate blog (not because you describe me as a brilliant writer, even though your readers who are now reading this comments are having your predictions confirmed by enjoying the sweet soothing words that are travelling through my fingers) because comedy is an art. The good news is that seeing it is an art it can be learnt and the skill can grow with practice. This is awesome for people in the preaching business because you don’t have to be the funniest guy but you can use the art as a tool to help you communicate.

    I could go on, but I won’t. Man I love your blogs Sam.

    Have Fun


  • Was I supposed to laugh at this post? Cause I didn’t…

  • FMD – Thank you for your sweet soothing words.

    Jonathan – Thanks for your comment you made me laugh. Timing is everything your comment had great timing….well played sir.

  • I just wanna say, you said it Sam, “TIMING IS EVERYTHING” … like attitidue IS everything IN LIFE.

  • i mistyped ATTITUDE up there !!!

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