Keeping kids safe this week

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This week I want to talk about keeping kids safe.

In Uptown we have 4 Be Attitudes

1. Be Safe
2. Be Courteous
3. Be Engaging
4 Be Consistent.

Some people wonder why we put safe first. To me if Parents don’t feel that their child will be safe they won’t bring them to Uptown and if the child doesn’t feel safe the child won’t stay.

This week I would like to talk about:

How to keep your kids safe online.
How to keep your kids safe at church.
What to do when a sexual offender wants to come to your church.

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  • Okay… was this on purpose?

    You have a list of 4. In the first 3, the number is followed by a period. But, on the last one, the period is at the end… and the last one is “Be Consistent”….


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