The missing link.

I have been thinking a lot the past few months about the importance of partnering with parents to see life transformation take place in every life that comes through the doors of Uptown.

I have prayed, thought, and sought council and I am very excited to begin a new journey of collaboration with the parents of Uptown kids. If you are a parent of and Uptown kid this is the first of many conversations I will have with you about a powerful partnership that I believe will transform you and your child as well as Uptown. If your child faithfully attends uptown and you want to join 365family please read the following information and sign up for our email, and text message groups.

What is 365family?

365 family is a group of families who have kids who attend Uptown and are connected to the same goal and purpose to raise Godly families.

No matter what your background most people agree that family is one of the most important gifts we are given. Here in Uptown we want to partner with parents to help kids and families grow to become all that God has for them.

We understand that your kids are with us for an hour each week and while we want that hour to be as impacting as possible we also want to give you tools to make all the other hours of your child’s week life transforming as well.

What is the commitment?

The commit you would make to join 365family is the following.

1. Sign up for email and cell phone updates
2. Commit to doing 2 family nights a month (resources will be provided to you via email)
3. Commit to eating dinner together as a family at the dinner table 3 times a week.
4. Commit to reading at least one scripture each night. (There will be a weekly scripture sheet your child can download, print and bring in for points to the uptown store. Feel free to use that sheet or do a devotional of your own.)

How do I get started?

Subscribe to the email group as well as text “follow uptownkids” to 40404


You can join the Uptown Parent email list.

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