Best Christmas message I have ever heard!

Rob Morris from came to our church this Sunday as part of our Advent Conspiracy. What he and his organization does is so moving. If you have never heard of they are an organization committed to ending child sex slavery and human trafficking.

Here is a short promo video


Rob did an amazing job explaining what they do at Love146 after he had finished doing that he shared with us why he loves Christmas  and how it is all about the incarnation of Christ. God sending Jesus into a messy world to bring hope, love and redemption.

He went on to talk about how we as Christians are called to be incarnate to be Jesus to a messy world. He said the problem with the church is that we recognize that the ship is sinking and have built life-rafts (Christian subculture) that God never intended us to build.

We have abandoned the sinking ships for the comfort of our life-rafts. Powerful stuff. What God was really speaking to me was about trust. We trust more in our life-rafts than we do in God’s power to help us navigate through the mess that is humanity.

Needless to say I was moved beyond words. I really believe that it was a God moment combined with “The Shack” I think God is really speaking to me about trust.

As I end, if you are a pastor have Rob come to your church. He need you and your church needs him. If you are a follower of Christ watch these videos and then do something. Give your time, your money, your passion to help those who can’t help themselves. Do anything, Do something!

I will try and post the audio of the service at a later date. Here is another video this one is of Rob talking about the story behind their mission.


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