Random Thought Thursday

Love the fact good shows are back on the air – could not force myself to watch Japanese Game show or House guest or The next great broadway star whatever those nutty shows are that they put on during the summer.

Elections drive me crazy – I always vote sometimes I have to hold my nose and pull the lever – And is it just me or does everyone always say that every election is the most crucial one of our lifetime. Both sides feel that way and both candidates stink. If you really felt that way nominate someone that doesn’t force me to the “lesser of two evils option”.

Ticked that the Yankees stunk this year. Officially cheering for whoever plays the Red Sox then sort of hope the Cubs or the Dodgers win it all.

Created a new volunteer position this week – First Time Guest Concierge

If I had a super hero strength I think I would want to be able to stop time.

Looking for ideas to recruit volunteers in campus where I am the children’s pastor but not physically there on a weekly basis. Any of you multi-site people let me know if you have an suggestions.

Excited to almost be done editing my next wedding.

Love the new facebook app for my iPhone.

Just downloaded the new album from This Beautiful Republic great disk.

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