Bible Bucks 21st Century Style.

I wanted to write a kids ministry post it has been a little while. Lots going on in the world of sports and politics.

A little while back we had quite the debate going about the evils and virtues of bible bucks. I wrote my position where I stood at the time as I was contemplating what to do about our incentive program. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I met with our Assistant Pastor to talk about our bible bucks program that we will be launching very soon. We decided after that meeting to be a bit more aggressive with our program, bigger prizes, more points for things.

I was excited but wasn’t sure what to do. I have done, money, tokens, stamp books everything there is I have done it.
All of those things have the same major drawbacks:

1. Bucks are lost – kids lose points
2. Bucks are stolen – this is an unfortunate reality the more we can remove temptation the better
3. Bucks are forged – kids are smart, have come a cross plenty of forged Bible bucks in my day.

Enter stickystreet.

If you are looking for a progressive alternative to Bible Bucks here it is.

What is it? – It is a web based (hooray for mac fans) costumer loyalty system.

How can I use it in our kids church? – Very simply pay a low fee based on the amount of kids you have and you can add and subtract points manually. If you want to speed the process you can assign a card with a barcode to each kid.

What if they lose their card? – you can reassign a new one the points are never lost.

What if it is stolen? – The name on the computer screen has to match the badge of the kid using the card.

It is a fantastic system and an answer to prayer. Our kids are going to love having their own cards to use at our store.

If you are using Bible Bucks it is time for an upgrade for more info on stickystreet click here. Tell Anthony I sent ya!

(Below are the two designs I have come up with for our cards let me know what you think.)


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  • You are further increasing the trend to “put things on my card.” I can’t believe you would do this to your kids! When they grow up to find themselves drowning in Credit Card debt they’re gonna think back to Pastor Sam and their Metro Card…

    (…And I am totally kidding!)

    Looks like another brilliant idea!

  • I was just wondering what Dave Ramsey would think of this.

  • Great accountability Hannah, I think Dave Ramsey would love it. I am a huge fan of him and Too long the church has neglected teaching anyone much less kids about how to handle our possessions. I love this idea, be sure to keep us up to date on how it works. FYI-something we found to be a huge piece of the puzzle is to have the opportunity to tithe and donate their kool kash. Kids don’t know the value of a real dollar so most of their money just comes and goes with no worries. But what if you had a compassion international kid (or some other project) that needed $500 kool kash a month and put that right next to your store. So now the child is wrestling with the issues of do i spend all this on me or do I learn now to think outside myself starting with my kool kash. We are doing a series to our kids in early spring regarding this very topic. It’s crucial we began teaching them now to give, save, spend. A little off the path, sorry. good stuff sam. im out

  • Hello 21st century

    Can you please give me more information on making these cards.
    Don’t want to use paper coupons!!!

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