Grand Opening by the numbers

We had our grand opening this weekend. It was a blast. Thanks to all the volunteers at our church it was flawless from the food, the characters to the audio visual, flawless. God gets all the credit.

It was a huge win for our children’s department and for our church as a whole. Thanks again everyone who made this past weekend possible.

Our Grand opening by the numbers:

Dignitaries: 2 – 1 mayor of our city and 1 Assemblywoman
Volunteers: 45 per service 3 services = 135 total (some served more than one service)
Clowns: 2
Characters: 4
Actors: 4
Rice Crispy squares: 850
Personal Invitations Printed: 1,000
Cupcakes: 570
Number of hits on our website the week of: 6,000
Total Attendance: 1100
Total boxes of Candy Sushi: 300
Flyers sent out: 20,000

Thanks again, can’t wait for next year.

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  • Pastor Sam,
    My “kids” are no longer kids but I was thrilled to see Uptown in action. I loved the message and the video clips too. The looks on the faces of the child as they roamed the “streets” of Uptown said much more than words could ever say. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication.

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