Why God is a Yankee Fan.

Ny Yankees Logo
Today we are all Yankee Fans. Well that may be taking it a bit to far.
I think what the Yankees did was total class. Playing a preseason game with the VT baseball team was a great way to raise money and help out people who were profoundly affected by a terrible tragedy.

I think it is great when you use whatever God has given you to help others out.

How can you use the favor, talents and gifts God has given you to help those who are in need?

This is just another example why God is a Yankee fan.

3 comments On Why God is a Yankee Fan.

  • This is Heresy! Everyone knows God is purely a football loving God, that’s why he loves the Dallas Cowboys!

  • This has to be true. In the movie, Bruce Almighty, God is seen wearing a Yankees ball cap!

  • I’m not one to comment much, but you forced my hand here. God a fan of the “Evil Empire”, that sounds a bit like any oxymoron to me. I’d love to say that the Red Sox are His number one team but let’s be honest, he’s an Angels fan, haven’t you ever seen “Angels in the Outfield”? haha. But the Red Sox are definitely a close second.

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