Power of Environment. (2 of 4)

Metal ChairI have had some people say to me environment doesn’t matter. To that I usually say “if environment doesn’t matter than why don’t we set up a few metal chairs in the middle of a corn field, not tell anyone where we are and God will bring who he wants there.” Crazy answer to a crazy question: Environment matters.
As much as we may not like it man first sees the externals long before the internals. Our own physical appearance is a testament to what we value and how we feel about ourselves.

I have been asked (just to clarify, by only a few) why we are putting so much time, effort and money into our children’s wing. My reply is we believe in the value of a soul. Each kid matters to God we need to do our best and be our best each kid each family needs to know we value them and more importantly God values them.

We want kids to come to church and feel safe. If they feel safe they will stay if they stay they will hear if they hear they will do and if they do the will become (lifechange).

If we do our part, create the environment. God will do his part, lifechange.

Bottom line as much as we have our opinions Environment matters.

What about you what are the subtle changes you can make to make your environment matter more. I am in the midst of two projects one has a budget of thousands of dollars one has no budget at all it isn’t about money it’s about creativity. If you can do something with nothing:creativity you will be able to masssive cool stuff when you have more resources.

One last random thought: You get attract what you are. You want more creative people. Value creativity and Do it.

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