The Last Few Delicious Bookmarks I have made.

internet_dog.jpgSync Gcal and iCal

Check out if your flight is delayed and by how long

Coverart database for mp3 players

Jewelboxing – A very cool site to make your own custom DVD and CD covers

Mac Font Vault – lots of very cool mac fonts.

Free blogging courseware –

Free Book – Seinfeld on Marketing – This guy loves Seinfeld more than I. (I didn’t know it was possible)

How to digitize cassette tapes – Long live, Carman, Petra, and Disco

Custom made lifesize cutouts of anyone. – Where TV is headed. The internet. Hulu is still in private beta. I recived an invite after about 3 week wait. I love it. Check it out.

If you have any cool links let me know I am such a sucker for a cool new link to something I didn’t know existed.

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