Book: Going all the Way.

goingallthewayFirst off I would like to say that I received this book for free from Craig and his publisher. I was not told nor encouraged to say positive things. They simply said read the book write about it on your blog. So here goes.

What I liked:

Loved the candor. I have read a decent amount dating books and have even done some premarital classes. I love the fact that Craig tells it like it is. He was honest. He shared areas where he found success and areas where he failed.

Loved the humor. I don’t laugh or cry often when I read a book. I found myself laughing out loud a few times. I was totally blind-sided. I had no idea Craig was that funny (this is the first book I read by Craig).

Loved the practical and biblical application. He offered practical ways to deal with the singleness issues. I loved how he brought out that we should find our fulfillment in christ before we find it in someone else.

What I didn’t like:

I wish there were more questions and things where you could you this book as resource for premarital class.

I wished it would spent more time on the communication skills needed for a healthy marriage.

I wished he would have delved a bit more into expectations. They are huge. What does he expect and what does she expect.

Overall I loved the book, it was fresh easy to read and I have already borrowed it to a single friend of mine and recommended it to a few others. I think that it is balanced and well written for todays 20 somethings.

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