30 Beautiful Years!

Today is my wife’s birthday. There is so much that I appreciate about her. She is such a blessing to my life and to our family. I thank God for special days like birthdays because they help to refocus us on the things that really matter. I appreciate all the time and energy my wife puts into the spirtual and physical wellbeing of our boys. I appreciate the selflessness in which she serves them. I appreciate he unique sense of style. I love that she is always trying to improve. I remember one time she made 4 different sets of brownies because she wanted them to be just right. She is Martha Stewart with a good personality and lack of criminal record. She is the best mom ever. I love her.

All of that aside what I love most about my wife is how much she loves me dispite my failings she loves me just how I am. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Baby I love you more today!

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