Back from camp…….

Camp was great we had an excellent time. I am working on a video that I will post at a later date. The theme was Love God, Love People Serve others. I am amazed by the powerful truths that were taught this week. If I had only learned these when I was in the 5th grade!


The first night was Love God our youth pastor talked to the kids about TWA. Our love for God can be seen in our Time, Words and Actions.

The Second night our assistant pastor talked to the kids about loving others and how our love for God can be

seen by how much we love the “unpopular” kids.

The last night I challenged the kids to serve others. I told them that how much we love God and love people can only be measured by how much we do to serve others. The whole point of the message was to challenge the kids to “Think Like Christ” Philp. 2

Lots of relationship happened, lives were transformed and we had loads of fun in the process (played a new game called “fling it” where you launch various items from a water balloon launcher.) So all in all Joshua Church camp number 10 was a success in God’s eyes and therefore in mine.

Until next year……….

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