What the church can learn from Ratatouille. Part 2 (Duex)

trat4.jpgPicking up from yesterday I think that another illustration that we could use from the movie Ratatouille is when Anton Ego comes into the restaurant to taste the food that Linguini has been making.

“Anton Ego, the most powerful food critic in Paris, can make or break a restaurant with a single review. The sight of his dour, colorless and unsmiling face strikes fear into the heart of even the most complacently successful of culinary celebrities. Chefs have become so afraid of displeasing ‘The Grim Eater,’ as he is commonly known, that no one dares to change a menu without his blessing.”

Towards the end of the movie Ego comes to review a restaurant that has become the talk of the town. Young talented chief that uses uncommon techniques for producing masterpieces.

Everyone fears Ego. When he comes to the restaurant everyone wants to cook something “typical” Remy the Rat has a different idea. He suggests they cook a “peasant” dish for him. Unheard of, cooking a peasant dish for the great Anton Ego.

This dish is prepared and served to him and he takes a bite and is instantly transported back to his childhood. The very taste of this “peasant dish” made him feel the same sense of goodness he felt when he was a child. He was so overwhelmed that he could overlook the fact it was made by a rat.

I thinks this speaks volumes to the church about the importance of children’s ministry. If we provide and experience that is powerful and touches kids emotionally and spirtually. They will never ever forget it. It will leave a wonderful taste in their mouth of who God is and what he can do. And when they have grown they will seek out a church that provides the same experience for their kids as they had growing up.

Bottom line “Parents will put up with a lot if their kids love church”.

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